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Audio Video

Audio Video

Video System:
Every application is different. Whether it is a command and control center, your conference room or a classroom/training facility, you depend upon the quality and reliability of your audiovisual equipment and presentation systems.
At New Century, we excel and designing, building and maintaining the highest quality systems that are tailored to meet your needs. We get to know what your needs are and apply that to how we design and build your audiovisual solution.
Do you regularly use video conferencing to meet and connect with others in places around the world? Do you use collaboration techniques when giving presentations or providing training? Do you need to monitor networks, remote locations or cameras around a facility?
No matter what the requirements are video conferencing, projection displays, video walls, control systems, interactive whiteboards, and more we can provide you with the system you need. Our team is highly experienced in engineering and programming systems, integrating systems into your space and providing the highest level of service and maintenance.
Take a look at just a few of the type of systems we can provide along with some case studies of systems we have built:
Efficient, effective Video Conferencing systems and services.
Specialized solutions for mission critical applications.
Take meetings and presentations to the next level with fully integrated solutions.
Expertly installed distance learning, interactive presentations, and audience feedback systems.
Digital Signage 
Video Displays 
Video Conferencing 
Video Players and Recorders
Pro Video 
Document Cameras 
Come to New Century and listen to the difference.
lets you pick exactly what's best for you 
Would you buy a sofa or chair 
without sitting on it
Of course not.   It's the same with audio equipment.   Buying something after reading about it is like buying a piano without first playing it.You don't know what you are actually getting. At Alanesoon ATC, you can hear the difference between different components (speakers, amplifiers, sources) so you can get exactly the system that pleases you the most.You can't do this at the "big box" stores or on the internet.A trip to Alanesoon ATC will answer more questions than a month of reading someone else's opinions.  
Amplifiers and Mixers
PA/EVAC system EN54
IP audio system 
Audio Cables 
Zone system
Conference system
Language distribution system
Portable PA system
Headphones and Accessories
Receivers and Tuners

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