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Central Vacuum system

Central Vacuum system

What is a Central Vacuum?
Central vacuum systems, also known as built-in or ducted systems, are installed into a building or home and feature a base power unit, collection container, and inlets that are installed in convenient locations throughout the home. Inlets are connected to the tube system which transports the dirt back to the power unit and collection canister.  The system also includes the hose, hose management system, powerhead, and various accessories. The power unit and collection canister are generally installed in a remote area of the home, like a basement or garage, and the inlets can be installed in several different ways, depending on the existing duct-work and desired features for the system. The hose, fitted with the appropriate accessory for the cleaning job at hand, attaches to the inlets so owners can simply open the wall mounted inlet, vacuum normally, and whisk away dirt and debris to the remote canister, which locks in even the smallest particles to ensure that they aren’t exhausted back into the air during use. Central vacuums are engineered to operate quietly, and when the motor is located away from the living area the noise level is greatly reduced.

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